Bra Mesh Washing Bag
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Bra Mesh Washing Bag

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This 100% nylon mesh bra washing cube is perfect for machine washing and drying your bra, lingerie and other delicates. Nylon zipper opens at the bottom, making it ideal for more delicate or larger size bras.Machine-wash your bra safely and easily. To use this convenient bra mesh bag, simply place the bra bag into the wash. Water circulates freely through the mesh to cleanse and rinse bras thoroughly. Bras keep their shape and last longer, too. The bra bag also prevents snagging, twisting or crushing that could cause damage. Ideal for all bras, including underwire bras and padded bras.


  • Sandwich mesh layer and plastic rib help keep bra's in shape.
  • Plastic rib to give further support.
  • Mesh to provide good water circulation.
  • Nylon zipper will not rust.
  • Prevents snagging.

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