About Us

If there’s one place that knows the ins and outs of home organization, it certainly is Innovative Home Creations.

Innovative Home Creations is a leading manufacturer & developer of Home and Storage products with over 25 years of experience. We are able to offer an extensive range of stylish, innovative, trendy, fun and of course eco-friendly products designed for use within home & commercial laundry, organizers and storage.

At Innovative Home Creations we ensure strict quality control throughout our entire manufacturing process. Our products are synonymous with quality and creativity, designed to make use out of every inch. Many items are custom designed by our own innovators. We constantly strive to offer the most competitive prices and quality.

The changing requirements in today’s marketplace demands the continuous introduction, of new products by Innovative Home Creations in order to maintain leadership. A constant search has been underway to develop, design and create these products.

New products constitute one of the principal sources of corporate growth and competition. To meet our goals Innovative Home Creations must generate a substantial number of new product ideas to make your home life more organized and manageable.

Competitive strength relies heavily upon Innovative Home Creation’s ability to introduce successful new products as well as innovate effective techniques to produce the volume of business anticipated in the years ahead.

Innovative Home Creation’s team can develop and create products tailored to your specific needs or requirements.

Discover how organized living has been transformed from a lofty task to an incredible and enjoyable one. That’s Innovative Home Creations, bringing ideas and products to life!