Sneaker Wash Tube
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Sneaker Wash Tube

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Throwing in a pair of dirty and smelly sneakers into the washing machine is one thing, but how do you prevent it from snagging other clothes during a wash? The Sneaker Wash Tube is the answer - it will keep your sneakers together throughout the entire washing process without disturbing the peace of other clothes inside. Easily clean your sneakers in the washing machine! Zipped in this tube, your sneakers aren't left to tumble around in the washer and wrap around the agitator or snag other clothes. Yet the mesh fabric lets water circulate through so they still get the cleaning power they need while keeping shoes separate. Two loops make it easy to hang from a rod or clothes line for air drying. 14" long x 9" diameter - big enough for just about any size shoes! Non-rust plastic zipper. Folds to store.


  • Size: 8" X 16" / 20.5cm X 40.5cm X 20.5cm

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